Vertical drilling center of the TD series with high-speed spindle, The torque from the motor to the spindle is transmitted directly, which significantly increases transmission efficiency, reduces vibration.

I. Scope of application

TD series & ndash; vertical drilling and threading machining center. Has a high speed of movement (X, Y, Z axis) (increased pitch of the ball screw), precision processing blanks of various shapes. It is widely used for highly precise machining of housing parts for household electronic products, aerospace, automotive industry, for processing small molds, medical equipment and other industries for processing small and medium products from disc-shaped sheet. Finishing is performed by milling the workpiece, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping and other machining processes. The purity of the processing is achieved by applying a linear and circular interpolation operation. Optionally, the fourth axis is added - by the assembly of a rotary table controlled by the CNC machining center. The swivel table allows you to mount slabs and other blanks of complex shapes. The machining of the workpiece is performed by drilling holes of various depths, making grooves of various shapes or continuous special surface treatment, with high precision.

II. Characteristics of the machining center

1, The frame, the spindle head column, the cross guides, the working table are cast into molds made of sand molded with a special epoxy composition, provides high internal stability of the microstructure of the base element. After casting the analysis of the dynamics of the structure and the final analysis tools of the element, to make it more reasonable geometry, and with the appropriate stiffeners to provide the basic element with great rigidity. A wide real machine base, a column of box-shaped cavity, an extension of an elongated saddle designed to support full load, the mechanical design corresponds to an improved design, optimal rigidity and stability.

2, high-speed, high-precision spindle:

(1) The motor power of 5.5/3.7kw is connected directly to the spindle, significantly improves transmission efficiency, reduces noise transmission.

(2) High-speed spindle, standard speed up to 12000r/min .

3 Shop in a tool (TD500); or (TD500A) installed in the front headstock, servo motor control is faster with precise tool positioning, the nearest tool is selected, the ATC tool change system ensures tool change quickly and reliably.

4, The machine is equipped with a cabinet protection.

5, the CNC control system uses the standard Mitsubishi M70 NC system. The machine can be equipped with a fourth axis with a workpiece/tool control interface and a standard RS-232 interface with DNC function.

6. The lubrication system of the ball screws and guides is automated and equipped with optical sensors.

7, The electrical cabinet is equipped with a constant temperature system

8, high accuracy of compensation, each of the shafts are made with high accuracy, Laser measuring equipment compensates for errors. The accuracy of positioning is controlled on each axis, which allows the processing of precision parts.

2, the main technical indicators

1), the high-speed straight spindle of the machine is directly connected, with the spindle motor, significantly improves transmission efficiency, reduces noise transmission.

2) fast movement - 60 m/min, shortens machining time, improves processing efficiency;

3), A servo drive is used in the tool store for accurate quick tool exchanges (Time shift changes umenta via the tool change mechanism 2 seconds);

Main technical characteristics
Table size, mm
650 × 400850 × 410
Maximum load on the table, kg
Moving along X / Y / Z axes, mm
T-shaped grooves
3 × 14 × 125
Distance from spindle axis to column, mm
Distance from the end of the spindle to the table surface, mm
130 - 460
Max. working feed speed along X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
0 - 20000
Accelerated travel speed along the X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
48/48/48 (60/60/60)
Spindle speed range, rpm
50 - 20000
Spindle cone
Number of instrument positions, pcs.
16 (option 21 ARM)
Tool type / tool shank
BT30 / BT30 × 45 °
Maximum tool weight, kg
Maximum tool diameter free / occupied adjacent positions, mm
Ø80 / Ø150
Maximum tool length, mm
Tool change time, sec
1.5 / 1.8
Positioning accuracy X / Y / Z, mm
Positioning repeatability X / Y / Z, mm
Compressed air pressure, MPa
0.5 - 0.7
Overall dimensions, mm
2405 × 2156 × 2410
Machine weight, kg
Management System
Management System
FANUC 0i-TF (5)
Spindle motor
FANUC ai2 / 20000
Power, kW
3.7 / 5.5
Moment, Nm
11.7 / 17.5
X / Y / Z axis feed drive
X / Y: αis8 / 4000 Z: αis12 / 4000
Power, kW
2.5 / 2.5 / 2.7
Moment, Nm

* Specifications and specifications are subject to change without notice. The company is not responsible for typographical errors and errors.

  • Tool store 16 items
  • Cooling system with pump
  • Room security for the work area
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Workplace Lighting
  • Signal light
  • Chip conveyor
  • Tool box Rigid tapping
  • Compressed air gun
  • Spindle blowing
  • Foundation bolt set
  • Instruction manual for the machine in Russian
  • Guide to the CNC system in Russian