Made in the area

On the squares of one of the largest enterprises of the Leninsky district, joint-stock company & laquo; Gazdevays & raquo ;, solemn opening of the production complex for the production of multifunctional machine tools and machining centers was held. The project is being implemented by a joint Russian-Chinese venture.

The red carpet for the guests was placed right next to the new machines. In fact, the enterprise is already working & ndash; The first 35 machining centers were assembled by Russian and Chinese specialists. Many of them are unique not only for Russian engineering, but also for the world.

& ndash; We tried to make sure that the work of our Chinese colleagues in the district became as comfortable as possible, & ndash; noted the head of the municipality Oleg Khromov. & ndash; All issues were resolved as soon as possible. And the result of our joint activities can be seen today & ndash; just a year has passed since the signing of the agreement on the establishment of a Russian-Chinese enterprise.

During this time, more than 500 million rubles have been developed. Capital repairs of the building were carried out, office premises and production shops with a total area of ​​11 thousand square meters were equipped. m. The total volume of investments for three years will be about 8 billion rubles. At the official opening ceremony, the final part of the agreement between the Russian and Chinese sides was signed.

The supplier of technology was the Chinese company DMTG, which has a 70-year history and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal processing equipment. The output to the designed capacity is planned for 2020. By this time it is planned that the plant will produce more than 5,000 units of process equipment per year.

& ndash; Now most of the parts come from China, & ndash; said Jiang Huaishen, chairman of the Chinese Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers. & ndash; But gradually the vast majority of components will also be produced in Russia. We share our technologies, because we are sure that this cooperation is ultimately beneficial for everyone.

By the time the enterprise reaches its designed capacity, several hundred people will work on it, with 80% & ndash; Russian staff. It will be prepared by the college & laquo; Muscovy & raquo; in the village Razvilka. While the collective of the plant & ndash; little more than 50 people. The company's management notes that it was not easy to find common ground with Chinese partners.

& ndash; We have a different system of views on the organization of production, different approaches, & ndash; Vitaly Chernomyrdin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the joint venture, shared. & ndash; But we always admired the diligence of our Chinese partners. Despite the difference in perception of these or other approaches, we still managed to find a common language.

The machines created at the enterprise are planned to be delivered not only to the territory of the Russian Federation, but also to foreign countries. In addition to creating jobs and developing infrastructure, the plant will deduct taxes to the regional and municipal budgets. It should be noted that this project is only one of many that find its embodiment on the territory of the Leninsky district. Thus, in terms of investments, the Leninsky district confidently holds the leading position among the municipalities of the Moscow region. Vladimir MAKSIMOV Photo of the author