Basic parameters
Center height, mm
Maximum machining diameter above the bed, mm
Maximum diameter of machining over the slide, mm
Distance between centers (RMC), mm
Maximum processing length, mm
The width of the bed, mm
Maximum workpiece weight, kg
Front end of spindle to DIN 55026
Internal spindle cone
Diameter of spindle hole, mm
Diameter of spindle for front bearing, mm
Number of steps (automatic switching)
Spindle speed range, rpm
Main motor power, kW
Main motor type
Working feedrate, mm / min
Maximum movement along the X axis, mm
Accelerated movement in X axis, mm / min
Maximum movement along the Z axis, mm
3000, 5000, 6000, 8000
Accelerated movement along the Z axis, mm / min
Axis positioning accuracy X / Z, mm
0.016 / 0.020
Repeatability of positioning along X / Z axes, mm
Diameter of the ball screw on the X axis, mm
Diameter of the ball screw on the Z axis, mm
Number of tools
Toolholder type
Tool change time, s
Maximum cutting edge height, mm
Pin tailstock tail travel, mm
Diameter of the quill, mm
Pinus cone
Other characteristics
Total power consumption, kW
CNC system
Capacity of the coolant tank, l
Dimensions and weights
Length, mm
Width, mm
Height, mm
Machine weight, kg

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