Introductory information

The multifunctional lathe with an inclined 45 o bed, with two steered axes, is equipped with a FANUC 0i CNC machine. Linear guide rails are used on the rails, which allows achieving a low coefficient of friction and improves the dynamic characteristics of the machine. Hydraulic turret for 8 tools, mounted on a cast inclined bed provides high rigidity and precision processing. As a spindle motor, a servo drive is used that provides a stepless speed change and high torque. The pulse lubrication system of the guides, the coolant supply system and the chip removal conveyor optimize the working process.

Lathe with CNC Dalian CL15 – This lathe with inclined bed, equipped with a Fanic CNC system, produced by China's machine tool giant, – the Dalian Machine Tool Group.

This equipment is used for all kinds of operations of turning type with high speed and precision parameters. Thanks to the design, the CL15 has a number of significant advantages over typical machines that have a horizontal frame:

Solid steel frame with an inclination angle of 45 o – provides rigidity and vibration resistance, allows evenly distribute the load, helps remove chips from the working area, facilitates the loading and unloading of the finished part;

Spindle servo – reduces noise in work, allows to make a stepless change in spindle speed, eliminates the need to install a gearbox;

Spindle unit, with end type A2-6, hydraulic chuck for 8 ” and Autostrong hydraulic cylinder with a bore hole, as well as high precision NSK bearings with grease that do not require maintenance – is driven by means of a poly-V-belt, which makes it possible to achieve high speed and low vibration;

Hydraulic high-speed turret-cutting tool for 8 tools – has a coolant supply to the tool and the ability to adjust the speed of rotation and clamping;

Guides – rolling, closed by telescopic covers in X and Z, lubricated by the automatic pulsed lubrication system;

NSK bearings are installed in the ball screws. Just as the guides are lubricated by the automatic pulsed lubrication system.

Based on the above features of the machine, it is widely used in the production of many industries, where turning is used and is an integral part of any enterprise that has such goals as – increase in productivity, improve the quality of the parts produced, reduce the cost of maintenance of equipment, simplify the production process, etc. The machine perfectly justifies itself in serial and small-scale production.


Basic parameters
Maximum diameter installed above the bed, mm
Maximum diameter machined above the bed, mm
Maximum diameter machined over a support, mm
Maximum processing length, mm
Tilt angle of the frame, deg
Maximum stroke along the X axis, mm
Maximum Z axis travel, mm
Fast movements along the X axis, mm / min
Fast movements along the Z axis, mm / min
Working feedrate, mm / min
Axis positioning accuracy X / Z, mm
Repeatability of positioning along X / Z axes, mm
Front end of spindle
Diameter of the cartridge, mm
Diameter of spindle hole, mm
Maximum diameter of the processed bar, mm
Spindle speed range, rpm
Moment on spindle, Nm
Main motor power (constant / 30 min.), kW
Spindle motor type
Turret head
Number of tools
Type of turret head
Precision of the turret positioning, mm
Tool change time, s
Size of the shank of the cutting tool, mm
Maximum diameter of a cylindrical tool, mm
Moving the tailstock, mm
Pin tailstock tail travel, mm
Diameter of the quill, mm
Pinus cone of hydraulic tailstock
Power consumption, kVA
CNC system
Capacity of the coolant tank, l
Dimensions and weight
Net weight, kg
Overall dimensions, L × W × H mm

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