Main technical characteristics
Table size, mm
Maximum load on the table, kg
Moving along X / Y / Z axes, mm
T-shaped grooves
Distance from spindle axis to column, mm
Distance from the end of the spindle to the table surface, mm
Max. working feed speed along X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
Accelerated travel speed along the X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
Spindle speed range, rpm
Spindle cone
Number of instrument positions, pcs.
Tool type / tool shank
Maximum tool weight, kg
Maximum tool diameter free / occupied adjacent positions, mm
Maximum tool length, mm
Tool change time, sec
Positioning accuracy X / Y / Z, mm
Positioning repeatability X / Y / Z, mm
Compressed air pressure, MPa
Overall dimensions, mm
Machine weight, kg
Management System
Management System
Spindle motor
Power, kW
Moment, Nm
X / Y / Z axis feed drive
Power, kW
Moment, Nm

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