High-performance and precise vertical milling machining centers VDL series with CNC are designed for high precision milling operations, drilling, boring and many other operations in billets of non-ferrous metals, steel and cast iron.

I. Application area

VDF vertical milling machining center is designed for high precision milling operations, drilling, boring and many other operations in non-ferrous metal, steel and cast iron billets. The machine is able to process holes, grooves, or special continuous curved high complexity. In addition to performing various metalworking operations without reinstalling the parts, the machine design and the CNC system are able to perform various operations simultaneously in 3 axes (when setting the rotary table simultaneously along the 4 axes). It is also possible to swap information from an external device (memory card and RS232) to execute a program with a large number of frames.

II. Basic characteristics and features of the machine

1, Solid cast bed allows high-speed machining modes, thus ensuring absence of vibrations and high accuracy.

2, High-precision high-speed spindle with NSK bearings (2 top, 3 bottom) for a long service life guarantees precision machining. The toothed belt reduces noise and vibration when working at high speed. The spindle allows you to realize the function of hard tapping by means of a servo spindle. The use of an unloading device makes it possible not to subject the spindle bearings to loads from the pneumatic cylinder when the tool is changed. The standard spindle speed is 8000 rpm.
In addition, spindles can be delivered at a speed of 10,000 and 12,000 rpm complete with the appropriate high-speed motors and other control systems that meet the customer's requirements.

3, The application of the central lubrication system of the guide rails and the screw nut (manufactured in Taiwan) increases the service life and reduces the laboriousness of maintenance. Telescopic protection significantly reduces the amount of chips accumulating on the guides and ball screws. The servo modules in the control cabinet control the Fanuc servo motors, transferring the motion instruction and monitoring the position via the FSSB optical bus. The ball screws and servomotor are connected by a flexible bellows clutch, thus ensuring high efficiency and minimal play, accurate transmission of the drive torque and high dynamics of movement.
Setting the 4th coordinate extends the machining possibilities on the machine. The use of a tailstock allows the processing of long workpieces using spiral interpolation and variable pitch.

4, The automatic tool changer system, combined with pneumatic and electrical controls, no contamination, easy maintenance ensure a quick and reliable tool change .

5, Cabinet protection of the cutting zone will avoid contamination of the workplace. The coolant separator allows to keep working properties of a cooling liquid during a long time. A high-performance coolant pump cleans the chips from the cutting zone and helps to effectively remove heat from the cutting tool. The heat exchanger of the electrical cabinet allows you to remove excess heat.

6, Movable coolant tank with level indication makes it easier to clean the coolant from the chips and replace it.

7, Stainless steel screw conveyor, the system of lighting the working table, the system of supply of coolant to the cutting zone are included in the standard equipment of the machine.

8, The heat exchanger of the electrical cabinet provides the removal of excess heat that forms electrical equipment in the electrical cabinet during operation. Thanks to the door seals, and the absence of air intake from the outside, the electrical equipment is protected from dust, chips, coolant vapors. The air-conditioning of the electrical cabinet is an option.

9, The high precision of the pitch compensation of the ball screw thread, the accuracy of the positioning axis- provides a high-precision laser measuring instrument that allows the machining of parts with high accuracy.

Main technical characteristics
Table size, mm
1220 × 620
Maximum load on the table, kg
Moving along X / Y / Z axes, mm
T-shaped grooves
5 × 18 × 100
Distance from spindle axis to column, mm
Distance from the end of the spindle to the table surface, mm
Max. working feed speed along X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
0 - 10000
Accelerated travel speed along the X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
Spindle speed range, rpm
45 - 6000 (option 8000)
Spindle cone
Number of instrument positions, pcs.
20 (option 24 ATC)
Tool type / tool shank
BT50 / BT50 × 45 °
Maximum tool weight, kg
Maximum tool diameter (free / occupied) adjacent positions, mm
Ø125 / Ø250
Maximum tool length, mm
Tool change time, sec
3.5 (option 1)
Positioning accuracy, mm tX / Y / Z:
X / Y / Z: 0.025 / 0.020 / 0.020
Repeatability, mm tX / Y / Z:
X / Y / Z: 0.010 / 0.008 / 0.008
Compressed air pressure, MPa
0.5 - 0.8
Overall dimensions, mm
3080 × 2400 × 2780
Machine weight, kg
Management System
Management System
Spindle motor
FANUC a12 / 7000i
Power, kW
Moment, Nm
Max: 95.4
X / Y / Z axis feed drive
X / Y: FANUC a22 / 3000i Z: FANUC a30B / 3000i
Power, kW
Moment, Nm

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