High-performance and precise vertical milling machining centers VDL series with CNC are designed for single or serial production of parts, processing of blanks from steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys in the automotive, aerospace, instrument-making industry, power engineering, as well as for the production of high-quality dies and press- forms.

I. Scope of application

Modern high-performance milling machining centers of the VDL series are used in all industries: automotive, power engineering, aerospace, instrument-making, and in a variety of adjacent areas for the manufacture of molds and high quality stamps.

II. Basic characteristics and features of the machine

1. Solid-cast bedBase of the machine & ndash; cast iron frame, in order to exclude the change in time due to the existing casting internal stresses of the metal, after the rough mechanical operations, it was subjected to artificial aging, heat treatment consisting in heating followed by slow cooling. And increased strength guides are processed by high-frequency currents. The presence of the edges of the rigidity guarantees the frame additional resistance to vibrations, to torsion and bending, the possession of excellent damping to the arising loads.

2. Main gear:
The spindle head is made of high-strength cast iron. The spindle headstock is installed on the column and moves in the Z-axis direction. The FANUC spindle motor is used as the main actuator device. A spindle is installed in the spindle head, which is given in
by driving the electric motor through the toothed belt. Changing the diameter of the master and driven pulleys can change the speed and torque. At
the ratio of the main transmission 1: 1 built-in photoelectric encoder
can accurately transfer the angle of rotation of the electric motor to the CNC system and,
respectively, the spindle for performing rigid tapping and
stopping the spindle. <

3. Structure of spindle bearings
Precision and high-speed angular contact ball bearings
(7014C TYN DBD L P4) and (7012C TYN DB L P4) are used respectively in
as the front bearing of the spindle and rear spindle bearing, and
4. Spindle
The tool shank is screwed into the mandrel of the tool, which is used for clamping the tool with the help of a set of Belleville springs. The tool can
be unclamped by an air/hydraulic cylinder.

5 Cooling the tool
Two adjustable spray nozzles are installed on the spindle head for coolant supply.
The cooling air flows through the spindle during the rotation of the spindle. This avoids the
temperature expansion of the spindle bearings, and also cool the tool and workpiece.

6 Cooling through the spindle (option)
The cooling emulsion can be fed through the spindle (in accordance with the order for additional accessories).

Main technical characteristics
Table size, mm
Maximum load on the table, kg
Moving along X / Y / Z axes, mm
T-shaped grooves
5 × 18 × 100
Distance from spindle axis to column, mm
Distance from the end of the spindle to the table surface, mm
Max. working feed speed along X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
0 ... 10000
Accelerated travel speed along the X / Y / Z axes, mm / min
Spindle speed range, rpm
45 - 8000 (option 10000)
Spindle cone
Number of instrument positions, pcs.
20 (option 24)
Tool type / tool shank
BT40-45 °
Maximum tool weight, kg
Maximum tool diameter (free / occupied) adjacent positions, mm
Ø100 / Ø130 Ø75 / Ø150 ARM
Maximum tool length, mm
Tool change time, sec
6 (option 2.5)
Positioning accuracy, mm
X / Y / Z: 0.025 / 0.020 / 0.020
Repeatability, mm
X / Y / Z: 0.010 / 0.006 / 0.008
Compressed air pressure, MPa
0.5 - 0.8
Overall dimensions, mm
Machine weight, kg
Management System
Management System
FANUC 0i-MF (5)
Spindle motor:
FANUC β12 / 10000i
Power, kW
Moment, Nm
52.5 / 79 (with gearbox 192/281 Nm)
X / Y / Z axis feed motors:
X / Y: FANUC βis22 / 2000: Z: FANUC βis22B / 2000
Power, kW
2.5 / 2.5 / 2.5
Moment, Nm

* Specifications and specifications are subject to change without notice. The company is not responsible for typographical errors and errors.